I called a couple months ago to cancel my box because I realized how much money I was being charged for ugly clothes. I did occasionally enjoy the things they sent me, but over all it was not worth it. I thought my subscription would be canceled but I am still...
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I liked
  • Some of the clothes
  • Some of the clothes sometimes
Wow, i am shocked! I just want t thank you guys for the reviews and i apologize for all the wrong doings of this company and treatemt to the public. I was interested in joining to see if this would be a cute option for myself and my daughter, but thanks to you guys...
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Gwynnie Bee - Unauthrized transaction

You company has taken over 400 dollars from my account. An account that was closed one or two months ago.
Apparently I filled out information several months ago looking into possibly using this service. However, I never activated the service or utilized any of their product. 7 months later they withdrew money from my account. When I called to inquire about it, the customer...
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I didn't like
  • 1 star because i was unable to give it 0 stars
I was over a week from the time I signed up to when clothes actually arrived. They sent a black leather panel skirt. It was 90 degrees in Florida. Didn't even try it on. The dress they sent looked fine but after 15 minutes of wearing it, I realized the armpits had a...
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Horrible company, I believe that they are a total scam! I signed up for a "free" trial and was immediately charged the 74 dollar and changed membership fee when it clearly stated that the first month was "on us" I was told this several times by several employees that...
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Sharon A Johnson

They're still in the process which is taking forever. I just think I have it resolved and they change their minds. I knew from the time I opened their site that it wasn't for ...

Sharon Ann Johnson

Same here -- they won't last long the way they treat their customers, or those who used the trial and they automatically start billing you huge sums of money for nothing in re...

I didn't like
  • Poorly managed
  • Horrible customer service and return policy
I tried Gwynnie Bee two years ago and did not like the service. I had not heard anything from them since. This last month I was charged over $1400. I have no idea why they would charge me $1400 after two years of not doing business. I am working with my credit card...
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Clark, by asking "have you EVER EVEN contacted us"- it's a rude and condescending way of undermining the customer. Based on all the reviews I've read on the company your custo...


I am having a similar situation and customer support is less than helpful. Working with my credit card to resolve issues. The lady I spoke with was very rude.


Gwynnie Bee - *** up

Yes i did but they never responded its a scam
I signed up online and thought I had completed everything. I assumed that since I had not received anything yet, billing hadn't started. When I checked my credit card statement recently I saw that they had been charging me more than $70 each month and not sending...
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How do you not realize you're being charged for that long?


you have no idea. try 85 being taken out of your bank, with the clothes sent back and canceled. Needless to say fell behind in rent?.. it was my rent money!! I told them they ...

I didn't like
  • Steal from you
  • Seemed to be sneaky

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Gwynnie Bee - Horrible customer service.

This is a scam. They raised prices clamining to expand offerings and locations for better service yet it takes them more than 3-4 even to ship a box and another 2-3 to get to you. And when you complain about service they give you some bs and blame you. It's a horrible service. I upgraded for 3 months and received 1 garment for that entire month.
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