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$75 a month subscription.

Takes up to 3 days to ship the next garments on you list, so if you live close to OH you might get 2 garments a week as long as you purchase them or ship them back the exact same day you get them.


i received a dress and a top. (Used because all GB items are swapped by customers. No new garments). I like the dress and top. If i keep the dress and top for a month and then send back....i have paid them $75 to borrow a USED dress and top.

Say i am anxious to receive another garmet to try. I can send them back or I can purchase them and eventually (they don't get in a hurry) I will receive another item from my closet.

Here is the thing (this actually happened to me)....i can go to Ross, TJMax, Jcpenney, Macy's, Sears, Belk, Burlington and find the same item or close to for WAY cheaper AND they are NEW garments.

I had a buy now price on a dress i had at home for $109 (remember...these garmets are USED) . I literally walk into a mall department store (I kid you not) with the dress on....and found the SAME dress on the rack for $24!!! And guess what? It wasn't used! (Same size, same color)

So i start searching the items on their website on other online shopping sites and got really ticked.

They claim to price match if items are cheaper on the brand website. However, that is ridiculous! They will price match a USED garmet to a NEW one.

Don't trust positive reviews. You can get credit for sign ups.

Advice to GB: make the subscription and buy prices cheaper and you will receive more business. If you keep jacking up these prices for USED clothes. You will eventually fail. The idea isn't bad...but the prices are horrible. It won't last. Everyone will try another cheaper alternative.

Again....these are USED garments people. Come on...

Product or Service Mentioned: Gwynnie Bee Clothing Rental.

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